Get The Money!!!

Hot off the presses! Straight from DTLACX proudy presents Get The Money! A new video of the Ritte Crew being awesome with dollar Hand UP’s with a couple fun ones thrown in for good measure!

I didn’t think I could one up Trebon’s 13 questions so soon but this video made it too easy!

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13 Questions with Ryan Trebon

Few would have guessed that the tallest cross racer in history would havc given some of the shortest answers ever. Few would need an introduction to Ryan Trebon, but just incase you do… Ryan is a very fast bicycle rider who sidelines as a tree farmer in the off-season. Here are his 13 questions:

 1.    What would the best Hand UP be in your opinion?

Money from Hot women


 2.    Would you rather give up embrocation or chamois cream?


 3.    Your favorite CX race?


 4.    Best looking ‘crosser you know?

I’d say Katerina Nash

 5.    Most embarrassing moment?

My life is one long string of embarassing moments

 6.    What would I find in your refrigerator right now?

Vegetables, coconut juice, Peanut butter and jelly

 7.    Best advice for racers?

Relax, and let the bike flow and do what it wants

 8.    2 truths and 1 lie about yourself (don’t tell which is which)?

Moved 15 times as a kid
Eat the same thing for breakfast everyday
Only reads Sci-Fi novels

 9.    Competitor you like racing against the most?

Todd Wells

 10. What would your closest friends tell me about you?

I’m Grumpy in the morning and well most of the day

 11. Favorite physical feature about yourself?

My sweet receding hair line.

 12. Which is more crucial to a PB&J, the PB or the J ?

Peanut butter

 13. On a scale of 1 – 10, how fast are you?


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Oh God Yes!!!!

How perfect and awesome is this???

Enjoy! I’m off to Vegas tomorrow so Maybe I’ll get some goodies for y’all in the next few days.


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How to get faster…

Disclaimer… I did this and do feel faster but still recommend for you to actually ride and train for additional improvements…

So after watching The Best CX Training Video EVER, for 72 hours straight I realized I might need some hands on instruction. So I hopped on a plane to Boulder and went to the FasCat CX Training camp with JPOW and JBV … Boom! Instant Speed!

Here’s the only problem… since I havent been riding as much this year my power is down about 47% and this additional speed has been cancelled out by my lack of fitness…

Maybe  it was the heat. Or maybe it has been the additional beer curls I have been doing.Maybe I am lazy or maybe its the fact I now have a bog to distract me even more…

Ahh! digression will be the end of this blog, there’s no explanation to why I am slow, I just am.  So Anyways what I am trying to say is go to a clinic(or ride lots) to get faster. Fascat Coaching and JBV Coaching know their stuff and so does Mr. Powers. After the Fascat Camp, Powers and JBV went and did another clinic in NE that got more coverage (aka someone had a camcorder) shown here…

pretty cool stuff eh? now go ride because you missed all the early clinics already and CX Vegas is in 2 Days!!! (Could this be a spoiler to what I write about next???)

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13 Questions with Greg Keller

Alright folks, todays 13 questions are from fellow blogger and masters cx superstar Greg Keller from This guy taught me two very important things.. 1. How to properly prepare for a cx race and 2. I should give up on ever trying to bunnyhop barriers… So without further ado here are Greg’s 13.

1. What would the best Hand UP be in your opinion?

Warm Gin.

2. Would you rather give up embrocation or chamois cream?

Chamois Cream

3. Your favorite CX race?

The Aptos Race in Santa Cruz (Surf City Series)

4. Best looking ‘crosser you know?

Damn, dude…me! WTF!?

5. Most embarrassing moment?

Wheelie-ing across the finish some years ago victorious only to have the brakes not grab and I fell flat on my ass. Think I broke my tail bone.

6. What would I find in your refrigerator right now?

Speculoos. Naturally.

7. Best advice for racers?

Buy a pressure gauge.

8. 2 truths and 1 lie about yourself (don’t tell which is which)?

-I am from the man from Nantucket.
-I am an Orangeman
-I am an accountant.

9. Competitor you like racing against the most?

Michael Robson. He keeps it fun and makes sure we 2-wheel drift the corners together, Ponch and John style.

10. What would your closest friends tell me about you?

I own too many shoes.

11. Favorite physical feature about yourself?

My right ass cheek is just…no seriously, it’s just perfect.

12. Which is more crucial to a PB&J, the PB or the J ?


13. On a scale of 1 – 10, how fast are you?

11, bitches.



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I’m Cat-ting up!

Oh and I hear the hand ups are way better in cat 3 too!

Thanks Team Green Submarine for the vid

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Cross Crusade Schedule is UP

Happy to hear that Cruss Crusade schedule is up and online… If I lived in Oregon, there would be no way I would miss any of these races.  To make sure of it I would figure out a way to commandeer Molly Cameron’s Portland Bicycle Studio van, at the beginning of the series and not return it until afterthe USGP Deschutes Brewery Cup on December 10th-11th in Bend. (Yes, I would leave $20 for a car wash and a six-pack for good measure upon its return)

For those of you thinking about traveling out to Oregon to race, please consider Cross Crusade. And try to get to Bend in December, it’s one hell of a party (see pic below from inside deschutes brewery last year)

I can’t say I remember much of that party or the racing that occurred last December when I was in Bend, not because I had too many Deschutes Inversion IPA’s (because I had just the right amount, of course), more so because of the whirlwind of fun I was having while there. And I’m pretty sure fun should be involved in ‘cross racing no matter what. And I’m also pretty sure Gumby should also…

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Not even worth reading until I have coffee later this morning

I’m exhausted and can’t find a pot of coffee in this damn office for the life of me. So until I do not much is going to be written. Read on at your own risk.

I got a call to go on a ride with Spencer from Ritte Cycles the other day, and we ended up doing a night ride in the Santa Monica mountains. Unfortunately he wasn’t wearing what he wore in the video below at spooky cross. It was disapointing.

Sorry for the lack of content this morning, I promise to get something good up here by the end of the day.  I’ve been too busy researching MTB Worlds and Tom Boonen’s Saddle Sores

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Hand UP + Mud =

It’s been a long week and I’m sure some of you could use a little break from your 9-5 for a couple minutes of cyclocross mud and dollar bills provided by Hans Kellner

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13 Questions with Amy Dombroski

Good Morning Interwebs,

Today we start a new feature called 13 questions, where I ask ‘cross people(Pro’s, Industry, Fans, Bloggers, Amateurs, etc.) 13 questions that I came up with after a couple beers and asking friends what they would want to know…

We’re gonna start with ‘Cross Diva’, Amy Dombroski of crankbrothersThe Race Club. Born a skier in Vermont, the combination of two knee injuries, a brothers bicycle, and moving to Boulder quickly got her into bike racing. And getting into bike racing quickly made her wicked fast! Here are her responses…

 1.    What would the best Hand UP be in your opinion?

$50 bills! In Vegas, lemonade. In proper ‘cross weather, hot chocolate. At the final race of season, Fireball.

 2.    Would you rather give up embrocation or chamois cream?


 3.    Your favorite CX race?

I have a love/hate relationship with CrossVegas…it’s hot, it’s late, it’s Las Vegas, and you’ve been standing all day with sponsor obligations and you’re way over-stimulated from the flashing lights. But all that disappears soon as the gun is fired and the maniac fans & spectators leave you in awe and in a frantic need to ride your lungs out.
As for my favorite race for the heart of ‘cross: Hoogerheide WC.

 4.    Best looking ‘crosser you know?

Besides myself? I think he is a true ‘crosser at heart: Lars Boom.

 5.    Most embarrassing moment?

Shortly after I moved to Boulder I went to the humane society and came home with an orange kitten I named Burkie, after the ski academy I attended Burke Mtn Academy. Soon I was traveling the world in search of excellence via pedaling…and I could no longer take care of the sweet kitten, so I flew to VT to deliver Burkie to my dad. Prior to leaving I placed Burkie in his litter box and told him to do his business b/c we would have a long trip ahead of us. When we boarded the plane he was crying and making a scene; no matter how much I talked to or petted him nothing helped. I was flustered and hoped the white-noise of the plane would tame both Burkie and his cries. But it continued and continued until about 5min following the “we have started our descent into Chicago, flight attendants please take your seats…”. Then a stench rose to our noses and Burkie’s crying subsided. The poor guy just needed to poo! Now that we were minutes from landing there was nothing I could do to clean it and rid of the stench; Burkie, myself, and the other lucky people surrounding us would need to wait until we had landed…either that or don their oxygen masks!

 6.    What would I find in your refrigerator right now?

Raspberries, cherries, cantaloupe, prosciutto, arugula, cheddar cheese, plain yogurt, milk, eggs, carrots, red onion, meat scraps for the feral cat, maple syrup, my Dad’s homemade jam, butter, oatmeal bread.

 7.    Best advice for racers?

If it’s not fun why do it?? Smile and have fun!

 8.    2 truths and 1 lie about yourself (don’t tell which is which)?

I have a lucky bagel in my garage that has been there since 1989.
I grew up on a Christmas Tree Farm.
I have a really good singing voice and am fairly musically-talented.

 9.    Competitor you like racing against the most?

sorry but I’m going to need to turn to road racing for this. Alexis Rhoads. I think Australians have a knack for inflicting pain on others through pedaling ridiculously hard. I was lucky enough to race against Alex as well as be her teammate. If you’re racing against her you know she’s going to try like hell to rip your legs off. If she’s defending a teammate, you know her teammate will win with time to spare. If she’s a domestique with you, you know you’re going to have to step it up a notch or ten so she doesn’t make you look like a worthless teammate.

 10. What would your closest friends tell me about you?

“amy is a hermit and loves to sleep. She is in a constant struggle of fitting the off-road bike racer mould because she doesn’t like the taste of beer.”

 11. Favorite physical feature about yourself?

My ghetto booty.

 12. Which is more crucial to a PB&J, the PB or the J ?

This is tricky… A pb&j can be good with any kind of pb, be it Jiffy packed with chemicals or almond butter or freshly ground peanut butter. But I won’t eat a pb&j unless it has homemade jam with berry seeds in it or actual pieces of fruit.

 13. On a scale of 1 – 10, how fast are you?


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