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A little over a week ago now Chris Jones and Julie Krasniak of Rapha-Focus “won” SSCXWC p/b Sheila Moon in San Fran but didn’t get the winning tattoos… Which led us to create this face book group: which quickly … Continue reading

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Motivation Monday

I needed something really good to motivate for this Monday… I almost won my “A” race for the season yesterday with a ride that I felt really happy with, unfortunately a local ringer showed up and decided to take the … Continue reading

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13 Questions with Adam Myerson

Adam Myerson has become somewhat of a religious icon of ‘cross. With the¬†Cycle-Smart International just finishing up and a good majority of ‘crossers asking themselves WWMD (What would Myerson do) all season, what better person to interview for this edition … Continue reading

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Not Motivated Mondays – Bike Stolen

I won a race this weekend but that has been horribly over shadowed by the loss of a good bike… Amanda’s bike was stolen while in for a repair at Laguna Cyclery in Laguna Beach, Ca. I know most readers … Continue reading

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