Get The Money!!!

Hot off the presses! Straight from DTLACX proudy presents Get The Money! A new video of the Ritte Crew being awesome with dollar Hand UP’s with a couple fun ones thrown in for good measure!

I didn’t think I could one up Trebon’s 13 questions so soon but this video made it too easy!

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1 Response to Get The Money!!!

  1. Wil says:

    “While the UCI rankings take into acnouct all points a rider earns, a rider’s start position is based on a calculated point total that limits the number of C1 and C2 points a rider can use for his or her start position.”This is incorrect. The start position is based on the rankings, and the rankings implement the 5 C2 and 6 C1 limit. There is no separate start order list.If you click on any riders name on the rankings list published on, you can see all the points they’ve scored, and what points are currently being included in their totals.Thanks for the great article otherwise!

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