Birth of the Dollar Hand UP

Special treat of a story was emailed to me today from Stevil Kinevil at, on how the dollar Hand UP was born… Disclaimer: I can neither confirm nor deny the validity of this story and the only way I’m not going to believe it is if someone emails me an earlier story(and pic? to )

“It was the 1999 Cross Nationals in San Francisco’s Presidio and the lot of us had been raging for days straight. Our races were all over an we were cheering on the elite and pro classes as they showed us amateurs how it was done. I remember when the pro men came though, they were moving so fast that they displaced air, similarly to standing near a train tunnel.

Towards the end of the race I threw a handful of money on the ground for my friends in the back of the pack. My idea, which was originally implemented when I was in high school, was when someone bent over to pick up the cash they would get dog piled. At some point Tim Johnson came through and snagged some of the dough on his way to a third place finish.

Further more, it was at that point I realized you could mock people mercilessly, all the while handing them money. No one could get mad at your heckles because as you were screaming at them to move their fat ass up the hill, you were holding a wad of cash out for the taking.

Thus, the dollar preme was born.”

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Spooky CX

For those of you who are unfamiliar with spookycx ( part of this years CXAD Series) here’s a video from a buddy of mine, Mr. Mark Colton that shows some of the daytime racing and festivities

UPDATE — Guy(Cody Phillips) smashing barrier as requested in the comments :

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DTLA 9/18/11 — Get Ready for the Party

Ok so there’s about 15 days till the first real so cal race, DTLA. And I hope you all havebeen doing your intervals and jumping on and off that bike a little by this point because this race is going to be FAST!!!! Seriously… We rode to the venue last week and it is WIDEOPEN. On top of being a fast race, it is also at a great venue in the middle of LA

It’s a mix of dirt road and grass, with tiny bumps for hills (spoiler: there will be stairs). I know the So Cal Cross crew will try to make the course a little more technical to try to slow it down; but,  it’s the first race of the season and you know everyone’s going to be chomping at the bit for the first W.

How fast is it going to be? Here is the best shot of Ty Hathaway of Golden Saddle Cyclery coming through the proposed barrier section… This is the best picture I could find, it was just too fast!

You have to get out to this race not only is it the season opener but it is destined to become the next big race of So Cal if all goes well and SCPS is trying to organize a swap meet, and eco-living expo, the cycleway arroyo ride, and a eco-sportfest to keep everyone entertained and happy.

So if you want to come out and have a good time, try to grab some hand ups, and be on of the first ones to get some experience on So Cal’s newest race venue come out to the DTLA Historic CX race and show off your early season form.


I found some better pictures(Including one of TY over the Barriers) :

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photo Credit to Jon Neuman

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Afternoon Delight

Sky rockets in flight. Afternoon delight.

Just a little BearClaw action to keep your afternoon classy.

Jason Lowetz at California State cyclocross championships in Hart Park. Enjoy.

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CXAD = CX After Dark

This may be one of the greatest things ever. A four race series that races at night! As if cross wasn’t hard enough these guys had to go and make it harder to see and even colder! YES!

Apparently the idea started 9 years ago at Starcrossed 2002 by promoter Terry Buchanan as a sketchy idea of his, that had to have been conceived after a beer hand up or five. Well 9 years later Brook Watts(Cross Vegas), Dorothy Wong(Spooky Cross), and Mike Weiss(Gateway Cross Cup) have all drank Buchanan’s kool-aid and jumped onboard!

Oh ya and did I mention these races are all UCI? And will have riders like Bart Wellens, Rob Peeters, J-POW, Tim Johnson, Trebon, Katarina Nash, Amy Dombroski, Chloe Forsman and on and on?!?! I will definitely be making my way out to at least a couple of these races and think you should too.

2011 Cross After Dark series races are:

CrossVegas – Wednesday September 14 – Las Vegas NV (C1)
Starcrossed – Saturday September 17 – Seattle WA (C2)
Gateway Cross Cup – Wednesday September 21 – St. Louis MO (C2)
Spooky Cross – Saturday October 15 – Irvine CA (C2)


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Cyclocross Essentials

For those of you who are getting pumped for cyclocross season but need to hone your skills first you should consider ordering Chris Horner’s Cyclocross Essentials!!!



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SCPS and Dot Wong

Ok, let’s start this off right and begin with a little So Cal Cross (SCPS) action. The SCPS info and calendar can be found HERE. The series is organized by Dorothy Wong, Aka “Dot”. For those of you unfamiliar with Dot Wong just know that she organizes one of the biggest series in the US, races in it, runs THE TEAM, sells Voler clothing, holds weekly rides and clinics, etc. etc. She doesn’t stop. Its Crazy! You can read a recent article about her and the SCPS HERE. Or just take my word for it.

The series starts soon on September 18th with DTLA Historic CX and seeing all of the posts about gluing tubulars and single speed gearing is really getting my blood pumping. With that said lets watch a clip of the mens elite 1st lap at, my favorite SCPS race, Spooky Cross in Irvine …

Time to glue those tubulars, time to pick that gearing, time to hup hup.

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New site… Fresh of the (word)press!

So what is this site? I don’t know. I guess its going to be a little of everything and a lot of fun!

Hopefully this will be a place to come and learn a little more about our cx community, post and see some sweet hand up pics, read some rants/interviews/event reports etc., and I’ll even get around to posting some video for you all too!

Me? I’m still learning the ins and outs of blogging but stick with me and I promise the site will only get better.

Oh yea, and if you want to see anything on here just let me know! This is a site for you, it’s your hand up, reach out and grab it!

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