How to get faster…

Disclaimer… I did this and do feel faster but still recommend for you to actually ride and train for additional improvements…

So after watching The Best CX Training Video EVER, for 72 hours straight I realized I might need some hands on instruction. So I hopped on a plane to Boulder and went to the FasCat CX Training camp with JPOW and JBV … Boom! Instant Speed!

Here’s the only problem… since I havent been riding as much this year my power is down about 47% and this additional speed has been cancelled out by my lack of fitness…

Maybe  it was the heat. Or maybe it has been the additional beer curls I have been doing.Maybe I am lazy or maybe its the fact I now have a bog to distract me even more…

Ahh! digression will be the end of this blog, there’s no explanation to why I am slow, I just am.  So Anyways what I am trying to say is go to a clinic(or ride lots) to get faster. Fascat Coaching and JBV Coaching know their stuff and so does Mr. Powers. After the Fascat Camp, Powers and JBV went and did another clinic in NE that got more coverage (aka someone had a camcorder) shown here…

pretty cool stuff eh? now go ride because you missed all the early clinics already and CX Vegas is in 2 Days!!! (Could this be a spoiler to what I write about next???)

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