13 Questions with Greg Keller

Alright folks, todays 13 questions are from fellow blogger and masters cx superstar Greg Keller from MudAndCowbells.com. This guy taught me two very important things.. 1. How to properly prepare for a cx race and 2. I should give up on ever trying to bunnyhop barriers… So without further ado here are Greg’s 13.

1. What would the best Hand UP be in your opinion?

Warm Gin.

2. Would you rather give up embrocation or chamois cream?

Chamois Cream

3. Your favorite CX race?

The Aptos Race in Santa Cruz (Surf City Series)

4. Best looking ‘crosser you know?

Damn, dude…me! WTF!?

5. Most embarrassing moment?

Wheelie-ing across the finish some years ago victorious only to have the brakes not grab and I fell flat on my ass. Think I broke my tail bone.

6. What would I find in your refrigerator right now?

Speculoos. Naturally.

7. Best advice for racers?

Buy a pressure gauge.

8. 2 truths and 1 lie about yourself (don’t tell which is which)?

-I am from the man from Nantucket.
-I am an Orangeman
-I am an accountant.

9. Competitor you like racing against the most?

Michael Robson. He keeps it fun and makes sure we 2-wheel drift the corners together, Ponch and John style.

10. What would your closest friends tell me about you?

I own too many shoes.

11. Favorite physical feature about yourself?

My right ass cheek is just…no seriously, it’s just perfect.

12. Which is more crucial to a PB&J, the PB or the J ?


13. On a scale of 1 – 10, how fast are you?

11, bitches.



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