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SCPS #3 | Pacifica Crossfest

We’re only three weeks into the SoCal Prestige Series, and we already feel like the season is moving by way too fast. We gauge the amount of time past not by a calendar, but by how much the facial hair … Continue reading

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Peleton or Premium Rush

Now that cross season has come to an end, we find ourselves with a few awkward months to kill before we start salivating over how fast we are going to be next year and how much beer we will be … Continue reading

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A little over a week ago now Chris Jones and Julie Krasniak of Rapha-Focus “won” SSCXWC p/b Sheila Moon in San Fran but didn’t get the winning tattoos… Which led us to create this face book group: http://www.facebook.com/SSCXWCdeservesink which quickly … Continue reading

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Motivation Mondays

I guess this would be good for anyone who had a less than stellar weekend of racing(me)… You can watch this video and pretend you are fast: http://www.cyclingdirt.org/embed/MzIxNTEyNDA2?related=1 Trebon seems to be on a roll as of late… we’ll see … Continue reading

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Motivation Mondays

Firstly, this picture shows why you should never assume that a hand-up isn’t worth your time… Ritte Racer Terry Crouse (TC) passes up a $100 hand-up during the Men’s A race Secondly, we are all painfully aware that it’s Monday … Continue reading

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13 Questions with Ryan Trebon

Few would have guessed that the tallest cross racer in history would havc given some of the shortest answers ever. Few would need an introduction to Ryan Trebon, but just incase you do… Ryan is a very fast bicycle rider … Continue reading

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Oh God Yes!!!!

How perfect and awesome is this??? Enjoy! I’m off to Vegas tomorrow so Maybe I’ll get some goodies for y’all in the next few days.  

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DTLA 9/18/11 — Get Ready for the Party

Ok so there’s about 15 days till the first real so cal race, DTLA. And I hope you all havebeen doing your intervals and jumping on and off that bike a little by this point because this race is going … Continue reading

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