Cross Crusade Schedule is UP

Happy to hear that Cruss Crusade schedule is up and online… If I lived in Oregon, there would be no way I would miss any of these races.  To make sure of it I would figure out a way to commandeer Molly Cameron’s Portland Bicycle Studio van, at the beginning of the series and not return it until afterthe USGP Deschutes Brewery Cup on December 10th-11th in Bend. (Yes, I would leave $20 for a car wash and a six-pack for good measure upon its return)

For those of you thinking about traveling out to Oregon to race, please consider Cross Crusade. And try to get to Bend in December, it’s one hell of a party (see pic below from inside deschutes brewery last year)

I can’t say I remember much of that party or the racing that occurred last December when I was in Bend, not because I had too many Deschutes Inversion IPA’s (because I had just the right amount, of course), more so because of the whirlwind of fun I was having while there. And I’m pretty sure fun should be involved in ‘cross racing no matter what. And I’m also pretty sure Gumby should also…

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2 Responses to Cross Crusade Schedule is UP

  1. mollycameron says:


  2. Asylbek says:

    What a great tribute! And what a great photo!Also, I love the ptciures from the race! Someone’s comment on your last post, I think, tipped me off to the fact that that’s a slide show in the sidebar, there, not just a single photo. Yay, Marcia (who I gather took most of the ptciures)!!

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