DTLA 9/18/11 — Get Ready for the Party

Ok so there’s about 15 days till the first real so cal race, DTLA. And I hope you all havebeen doing your intervals and jumping on and off that bike a little by this point because this race is going to be FAST!!!! Seriously… We rode to the venue last week and it is WIDEOPEN. On top of being a fast race, it is also at a great venue in the middle of LA

It’s a mix of dirt road and grass, with tiny bumps for hills (spoiler: there will be stairs). I know the So Cal Cross crew will try to make the course a little more technical to try to slow it down; but,  it’s the first race of the season and you know everyone’s going to be chomping at the bit for the first W.

How fast is it going to be? Here is the best shot of Ty Hathaway of Golden Saddle Cyclery coming through the proposed barrier section… This is the best picture I could find, it was just too fast!

You have to get out to this race not only is it the season opener but it is destined to become the next big race of So Cal if all goes well and SCPS is trying to organize a swap meet, and eco-living expo, the cycleway arroyo ride, and a eco-sportfest to keep everyone entertained and happy.

So if you want to come out and have a good time, try to grab some hand ups, and be on of the first ones to get some experience on So Cal’s newest race venue come out to the DTLA Historic CX race and show off your early season form.


I found some better pictures(Including one of TY over the Barriers) :

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photo Credit to Jon Neuman

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