Motivation Mondays

I guess this would be good for anyone who had a less than stellar weekend of racing(me)… You can watch this video and pretend you are fast:

Trebon seems to be on a roll as of late… we’ll see what happens when Powers comes back and those two can go head to head.

Meanwhile in non-CX land, this girl falls off her bike while shooting some sort off commercial. If we can’t be motivated this Monday, we can at least have a nice laugh. Listen closely for her reaction after the crash…

Oh ya and Happy Halloween!

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1 Response to Motivation Mondays

  1. Serzug says:

    Every Monday, unless the weheatr is horrible or I’m away racing (which shouldn’t stop people from showing up anyway). I have been consistent no one has shown up yet (despite wanting to). I think that the later time will help.

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