Not Motivated Mondays – Bike Stolen

I won a race this weekend but that has been horribly over shadowed by the loss of a good bike… Amanda’s bike was stolen while in for a repair at Laguna Cyclery in Laguna Beach, Ca. I know most readers are located outside of the immediate area but that is why I am posting this, I’m trying to spread the coverage area. Please keep an eye out for the bike and hopefully we can catch the low life who stole someones bike from a LBS.
Of course I wouldn’t ever want to resort to violence and feel kind of funny even posting this but I’m pretty upset about this ruining the possibility of me basking is some single speed glory(I also feel bad because I took the bike to the shop for her).

Above is the bike and below is what was posted via facebook by Amanda, it’s pretty upgraded/customized so maybe it will be easier to find.

“BIKE STOLEN OUTSIDE OF LAGUNA CYCLERY – My bike was just stolen outside of Laguna Cyclery, and I wanted to let everybody know right away in case you happen to see this around on the trails. Apparently it was locked to a rack outside, and somebody just cut the lock and took it. It’s a white Focus Thunder spec’d with all crankbrothers parts (black/blue cobalt 3 wheels, white iodine saddle, joplin post, iodine stem, blue cobalt grips, cobalt bar, blue candy pedals), Magura brakes/fork, Conti tires. If you see this, tackle the person off of the bike, kick them while they’re down, and call them mean names! Then, kindly take the bike back from them and return it to me. Thanks for any detective help! ”
If you just keep an eye out and shoot me an email or leave a comment on this post that leads to getting the bike back you will be rewarded kindly… just trust me when I say kindly, I win alot of swag at races and have stuff like a gary fisher rig frame or other un-needed lightly used gear laying around that I wouldnt mind donating to a diligent detective.

Link to this as needed… Spread the word.

Thanks Guys!



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